Tangshan people's Hospital Medical group

  Tangshan people’s Hospital Medical group began in 2005, during the 10 years’ time; we have combined 3 Upper-Second -class hospitals, 2 enterprise hospitals. It take Tangshan people's Hospital as the core, created a public medical health institutions that was formed by Kaiping hospital、Haigang hospital、Lunan hospital、the first and the third branch of Tangshan people's hospital. Tangshan people’s Hospital Medical group implement a full range of management, through direct management, technical support, and other ways,gradually establish the interconnected  medical information sharing platform, In the medical group, each type of medical institution has a clear market position and achieved the goal of resource sharing, complementary advantages, mutual promotion, and seek common development.

  The Group General Hospital—Tangshan people's hospital was founded in 1943, which was the first public hospital in Tangshan City . In the early 1960-1970s, the orthopedics departments, traditional Chinese medicine departments, tuberculosis prevention departments and other department were separated to become specialized orthopedics hospital, specialized traditional Chinese medicine hospital, infection disease hospital, and the Tangshan third hospital. It can be said that the history of the Tangshan people's hospital was the history of the health services development in Tangshan city. It trained a lot of professional and technical personnel; it was hailed by the insiders as the mother of the hospital. It was the cradle of Tangshan health services development. The hospital covers an area of more than 50 thousand square meters, 1040 beds (including the 120 beds in the original 10th hospital), but actually we opened 1380 beds. It has 51 clinical departments, 15 medical departments and 44 wards. In 2002, our hospital was the first passed the ISO9000 international quality certification system in Tangshan city, and also the first batch of hospital in Hebei Province. The hospital was specialized in oncology. It is a comprehensive tertiary care hospital, with integration of medical, teaching, scientific research, prevention, health care and community health services. Now it is the affiliated People's Hospital of North China University of Science & Technology and the Li ka shing Foundation Tangshan people's hospice. In 2005, it was the first batch hospitals for “National Millions of women's breast screening project.”

  Tangshan people’s Hospital Medical group of Kaiping hospital was founded in 1968, which was the first and the largest public hospital in Kaiping  District .It is a comprehensive Upper-Second -class hospital with integration of medical, teaching, research, prevention, health care and community health service. After nearly 50 years of development and construction, Kaiping Hospital had made a leap forward development from the technical level, medical equipment, personnel echelon to other aspects. It has a high reputation in the Tangshan area. In 2008, Kaiping hospital invested 84 million yuan of funds for reconstruction; after reconstruction, the hospital covers an area of 23.6 mu, building area of 17557 square meters, with 300 beds, 8 wards. Hospital has 350 employees, including senior titles in more than a hundred people, with a master's degree or above, nearly 30 people. Kaiping hospital relies on the people’s hospital medical group to introduce the potential of the high level of reserve personnel, providing solid personnel for the development of the hospital. The hospital invested nearly 20 million yuan to purchase the GE16 spiral CT, American GE Color Doppler ultrasound, German Backman ultrasound blood analyzer, three wafered laparoscopy, Germany SIEMENS digital camera system (DR), Konica 832 laser camera, Beijing Wandong 500mA high frequency remote control machine and other more advanced medical equipment, improved the level of clinical treatment and comprehensive service capabilities to provide a strong guarantee. In the process of development and construction, hospital focused on the construction of information technology, now has the city's leading information network system, It has HIS, LIS, PACS, EMR, OA and other systems, realized the One Card solution service in outpatient department. On hospital management, we are focusing on meaning construction, established  the  service  concept of "the patient's needs are our pursuit" Taking the patient as the center, improving the service level of medical technology, through the joint efforts of all staff, the Kaiping hospital has been recognized by all sectors of society, and achieved good social benefits and economic benefits.

  Tangshan people's Hospital Medical Group— Harbor Hospital (Tangshan Seaport Economic Development Zone Hospital), It is the only non - profit Second Level, general hospital in Tangshan harbor economic development zone. Hospital covers an area of 86.96 mu, the construction area of 24000 square meters, with 400 beds. It has 180 staff, including 157 health professionals, 4 Chief physicians, 16 associate chief physicians. Hospital has advanced equipment,Including GE1.5T superconducting nuclear magnetic resonance and GE64 row of 128 spiral CT (carry out noninvasive cardiac coronary CT angiography CTA, head and neck and body CTA),four dimensional color Doppler ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, ultrasonic Doppler fetal monitor, color Transcranial Doppler extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy ( ESWL)、Pneumatic ballistic lithotripsy machine, electronic gastroscopy, electronic colonoscopy, multifunctional digital X machine, C type arm digital X ray machine, electronic laryngoscope( EL), Full automatic biochemical analyzer, full automatic magnetic particle fluorescence immunoassay instrument, German Fresenius dialysis instrument, and lung function instrument, Bone density meter and so on more than 300 sets of advanced medical equipment. In May 2014, the hospital received the "qualification certificate of Hebei province occupational health institution", which was issued by the health department of Hebei Province, and established the occupational health examination department and carried out the occupational health inspection service. Post-entrusting, hospital management injected group management model, in order to improve the level of hospital medical technology, The experts of Tangshan  people's Hospital of  come to clinic of Haigang hospital  in  turns and regularly, at the same time, the clinical department directors also held by the Tangshan people's Hospital of experts, long term  in charge of out-patient treatment and in patient surgical operation .With first-class environment, first-class equipment, first-class technology and first-class service, The people's Hospital of Tangshan medical group Haigang hospital escorts the health of People in the Haigang District.

  Lunan hospital was founded in 1960.In 1994 assessment for Upper-Second –class hospital, which was the only  public medical institutions in Lunan district, It is located in the southeast corner of the Tangshan city, where is a combination of urban and rural areas, Service radius of 5KM resident population of about 127 thousand, The floating population is about 51 thousand, Service area covering 1 township 3 Street offices, covers an area of 15000 square meters, construction area of 9500 square meters, set 150 beds ,1  subsidiary  community health service centers, 4 community service stations. The hospital has 206 staff members, among them, 7 associate professors, 50 intermediate grade. In 2013 October, Lunan hospital signed a cooperation agreement with the Tangshan people's Hospital, formally incorporated into the Tangshan City people's Hospital Medical group. Now the Lunan hospital area has been demolished, the general hospital (Tangshan people's Hospital)had negotiated with the government of Lunan district , Intends to jointly build a bed scale for 1200 large-scale modernization of comprehensive tertiary care hospital on  the original site of the Lunan hospital. Moreover,it will provide 400 beds in elderly care to the community .

  In 2005 Tangshan City people's Hospital hosted Tangshan Qixin hospital, the hospital was expanded and renamed as first branch of Tangshan people's hospital. At the same time, it is community health service center of the neighborhood office North District. It has 2 independent licenses.it is located in Tangshan City Lubei No. 17 Xinhua road. It occupies an area of 16 mu, the construction area of more than 5000 square meters, convenient transportation, independent parking, first class environment. It was named Tangshan City garden style units. Tangshan City 120 emergency station, Tangshan City aged care association, Tangshan City geriatric care research association, Tangshan City Nutrition Association, Tangshan City cancer paradise all set up there. It mainly to carry out the health examination service,  Cardiology Department , internal medicine department and the work of community health service center. It has 40 staff, including 3 senior titles, 20 intermediate grade. There are internal medicine and  surgery  expert outpatient departments, gynaecology department , laboratory, Radiology, ultrasound, cervical, ECG, prevention health care department , resuscitation room, observation room, physical therapy room, pharmacy,  cashier, canteen, etc. Community health service center carries out six of the community health service work, the jurisdiction of six community neighborhood committees, 22789 people. It implemented contracted services, establishment of health records, chronic disease management, free community three and 45 years of age or unemployed, medical and other services. In November 2004, Tangshan people's Hospital Health Examination Center was approved by the health department of Hebei Province set up in first branch of Tangshan people's hospital. It is independent, self-contained, connected with the institute through the network, information resources, and the sharing of equipment, strong technology, equipment and management advantages.

  The third branch of Tangshan people's hospital is composed of Douhe electric workers hospital and changed its name. It located in Douhe Power Plant,north of Liyuan Village, Kaiping District, Tangshan City .The hospital was formerly known as Datang International power plant workers clinic. In order to adapt to the development direction of enterprise social stripping, Douhe Power Plant negotiated with the Tangshan City people's Hospital, In January 2010, based on the original Dohe electric workers clinic, the Tangshan people’s Hospital of the third branch hospital was established. The people's Hospital renovated the original equipment, selected senior staff and management personnel enhance the overall strength. At present, the hospital covers an area of more than 500 square meters, the existing staff of 28 people, 20 open beds, the construction area of 1500 square meters. It has Neurology department, Cardiology department, physical therapy department, traditional Chinese medicine department, laboratory, Radiology department, functional examination, preventive health care and other specialties. Inpatient department opened a comprehensive Department of internal medicine, open 45 beds. The hospital has 16 staffs, including 1 associate chief physician, 2 physicians, 2 supervisor nurse, 4 nurse, 1 postgraduate degree or above medical staff. The hospital has a fully automatic biochemical analyzer, color Doppler ultrasound, blood rheology analyzer, X-ray machine and other large CR equipment. In order to meet the needs of patients and clinical work, hospital and general hospital  share the medical resources, make full use of the large general hospital equipment and infrastructure, share inspection project , reduce the economic burden of the patients and tiredness of travelling.